Ordering the abortion pill online

Facing an unplanned pregnancy and seeking an abortion in Texas—where it’s illegal—can lead you to consider online sources. However, ordering abortion drugs online is risky. In fact, the FDA advises against it. When you order the abortion pills online, you won’t see a medical provider in person in Texas.

Can you get the abortion pill in Texas?

Abortion—both surgical and medical (the abortion pill)—is currently banned in Texas. If you’re considering buying the abortion pill online or seeking it out of state, read on to learn the essentials you need to know to protect your health.

What are the risks of the abortion pill?

The “abortion pill” is actually two different drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, taken in succession. These drugs are powerful used to terminate and expel a pregnancy from the body.  Medical abortion presents risks that range from mild to severe.

As with any medical procedure or drug, it’s essential to first understand the potential risks to your health so you can make an informed decision.

How late in pregnancy can you take the abortion pill?

The abortion pill is only FDA-approved up to 10 weeks or 70 days of gestation. You should not attempt to take the abortion pill if your pregnancy is over ten weeks along.

While there are many period tracker apps that claim to estimate your pregnancy’s gestational age, these are not reliable.

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