Can you get the abortion pill in Texas?

Abortion is currently banned in Texas. However, if you're considering traveling out of state or going online to get the abortion pill, there are important safety considerations to be aware of.

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Risks of Ordering the Abortion Pill Online

What Are the Risks of Ordering the Abortion Pill Online?

We’re glad you’re asking this question. It’s essential to know about the different abortion procedures, side effects to expect, and any potential risks.


Ordering the abortion pill online

Facing an unplanned pregnancy and seeking an abortion in Texas—where it’s illegal—can lead you to consider online sources. However, ordering abortion drugs online is risky. In fact, the FDA advises against it. When you order the abortion pills online, you won’t see a medical provider in person in Texas.

Abortion—both surgical and medical (the abortion pill)—is currently banned in Texas. If you’re considering buying the abortion pill online or seeking it out of state, read on to learn the essentials you need to know to protect your health.

Buying the abortion drugs online is risky

The FDA doesn’t recommend buying the abortion pill online. This is because they cannot guarantee the source, safety, and quality since it is outside the U.S. supply chain.

When you order the abortion drugs online, you can’t be sure what you’re actually getting, nor if the dosage information is correct. This means that you could easily take too much or too little of the drugs and experience potentially serious complications. 

Buying abortion drugs online also means that you bypass seeing a doctor in person, which is an essential part of protecting your health. A qualified medical professional can use an ultrasound machine to determine your pregnancy’s gestational age, location, and progression—all necessary information you need to know before taking the abortion drugs. 

You can learn more about the safety considerations when buying the abortion pill online here.

What you need to know before traveling out of state for the abortion pill 

The abortion pill isn’t an option for everyone. Before you make travel plans, it’s essential to understand if you’re medically eligible for the abortion pill. 

If you’re taking certain medications, have specific health conditions, or if your pregnancy is beyond 10 weeks gestation, you aren’t eligible for the abortion pill. If you take the abortion pill with any disqualifying factors, you’re at a greater risk for complications. Speaking with a qualified medical professional and receiving an ultrasound can protect your health before leaving the state.

During an ultrasound, the sonographer will estimate your gestational age by taking measurements. They will also determine the location and progression of your pregnancy. Collecting these vital details will ensure you take the proper steps to safeguard your health.

If an ultrasound identifies a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, you would seek medical treatment for those conditions instead of an abortion.